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Support Sought


Your support will go a long way for this Vedic institution

  • To achieve its vision
  • To move to the next level of offerings
  • Creating opportunities for advanced studies for our Vidyarthis
  • Added to individuals' contributions, support from like-minded institutions are also sought

  • to remove any possible risk, down the line
  • to come out of the daily rush for running after cash
  • to bring in financial stability
  • to ensure sustenance and growth.

    For Donors

    • 80G exemption is available
    • Good and transparent accounting
    • Professional Management with good reputation

    Our Bankers

    Our Vedashram Trust's Bank Details:

    Name : SCVG Trust

    Bank : Indian Bank

    Branch : Saidapet Branch in Chennai

    A/c No. : 6134392479

    IFS Code : IDIB000S004



    1. Contributing towards vasthrams for our Vidhyarthis 400 Per Set
    2. Donating towards offering vegetables items to patashala 750 Per Day
    3. Donating towards provision items to Patashala 2500 Per Day
    4. Performing samardhanai (one day's food expenses ) for vidhyarthis 7000 Per Day
    5. Sponsoring one vidhyarthi's expenses for his full academic term 6000 Per Month
      Pooja & Parayanam    
    1. Performing temple abhishegam and pooja including prasadam 750 Per Day
    2. Performing homams (example: Ayushya homam) at the Vedhashram for self and family's well being including homam materials. 9000 Per Event
    3. Asthikas may also join or undertake to perform Ashram's events - like Anusha pooja, Sankatahara Chathurthi, Pradhosha pooja, Sri Maha periyava Jayanthi and Aaradhana mahothsavams, Chathurveda parayanam, etc. 1000 Per Family
    4. Veda parayanams at our well-wishers' famalies on days of their significance. (Note: Considering the safe journey of our Vedic teacher and the Vidhyarthis, prefer to and fro transportation by van is undertaken by the family seeking Veda parayanam at their home. After the parayanam, Families may offer food to our Vidhyarthis prepared at their homes) 7000 Per Parayanam
    1. Contributing towards fodder for all cows. Ashram has 45 cows 100 per cow /per day
    2. Performing Gho pooja at our Ghoshala including pooja materials 1000 per pooja
    3. Sponsoring grass for all cows 2000 per day
    4. Sponsoring one cow's maintenance expenses 3000 per month
    1. Contributing towards overall upkeep of the Ashram 15000 Per Month
    2. Contributing towards infrastructural support/ facilities for our inmates. Lump Sum  
      Donation In Kind ( as materials )    
    1. Vedic books and notebooks and other stationery for vidhyarthis.    
    2. Provisions and Vegetables    
    3. Celebrate Deepavali / Pongal along with the kids    
    4. Construction materials to our Ashram : viz. Cement, Bricks, Sand, Others.    
      Corpus Fund Lump Sum Multiplies of Rs.10,000/-
    1. Support extended towards Corpus fund    

    Please sms or mail immediately your name and Ph. number details on doing the bank transfer to SCVGTrust@gmail.com or Mob : 9884402624